"Barbvin is my Otp. I was happy for Gavin when he started dating meg but I always saw a connection between Gav and Barb. I believed they were going out because it looked like when they went out with Michael and Lindsay it was a double date."

"I feel really bad but I’m probably the only one who ships Ray and Barbara. It has so much cute potential."

"jesus fucking christ PEOPLE SHOULD SHIP BURNIE/JOEL MORE. THE LACK OF FICS ANNOYS ME TO NO END. even with the gauntlet showing and them hosting there’s still an extreme lack of burnie/joel content UGH"

"What is the ship for Burnie and Ashley? I wish that was bigger"

"I really wish more people would ship Michael/Geoff and Ryan/Geoff."

"I will forever ship Rayn/R&R connection. I love reading fics with Ray and Ryan as a pairing, because they click so well together in my mind."

"I have problems with shipping because so many of the couples are SO DAMN CUTE, for example I ship both Mavin and Juggey. I hate shipping someone in 2 different ships, but ugh THEYRE BOTH SO CUUUUUTE"

"R and R connection is one of my favorite ships because it has so many possibilities and feelings. I wish it was more popular, it seems to be sinking with all the new popularity in myan and freewood."

"I wish there were more femslash ships in the fandom other then tuggleman"

"Jon/Gavin aka Freerising is an adorable ship I wish it was bigger"